Shortlist and conduct assessment

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Shortlist and conduct assessment

Shortlist your candidates against essential criteria

Your advertisement may attract a large number of applications or only a few.  In either case, start by screening your candidates to ensure they meet your essential requirements. This will avoid wasting your time and resources, and theirs. 

The desirable criteria can be used if you need to decide between two or more otherwise equally suitable candidates.

Implement your assessment plan

You should now be ready to implement your assessment plan based on the methods you selected. Here are a few good practice tips:

  • Arrange a time and place free from interruptions.
  • Give your candidates and assessors reasonable notice about when, where and what will happen.
  • Check if they have any requirements to participate in the interview.
  • Send out any background information to candidates in advance. 
  • Brief your assessor panel on what they need to do and an agreed consistent approach to scoring different assessment methods. You may want to use the scorecard template provided here. You will also find more detailed tips in the sheet below.
Shortlisting candidates - scorecard
Interview and practical assessment scorecard

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