Training for Capability

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Training for Capability

The Training for Capability resources give guidance and practical suggestions to providers to meet their obligations that workers have the necessary training, competence and qualifications to deliver supports and services.

The guide explains how to identify learning needs, choose training solutions to build and maintain workforce capabilities, and consider the evaluation of training. There are practical scenarios that illustrate the application of the guidance in typical workforce learning and development situations throughout each step.

The suite of resources can be used to either assess your current organisations learning and development strategies being implemented or establish learning and development strategies within your organisation.

To start assessing or establishing learning and development needs for your workforce, download the guide now. These resources are currently available as a downloadable either Word or PDF document. Selecting the 'Word' or 'PDF' hyperlink next to each title will download the resource in your chosen format.

  • Training for Capability: A Guide for NDIS Providers – Word | PDF
  • Training Outcomes Matrix – Word | PDF
  • Worker Capability Self-Assessment Guide and Self-Assessment Tool – Word | PDF
  • Training Selection Scoresheet – Word | PDF

To know

These resources provide general guidance only
The design and functionality of the Training for Capability webpage is under development. As an interim measure the Training for Capability resources have been made available as downloadable Word and PDF documents.