Training for Capability - Introduction


Purpose of this guide.

The NDIS Code of Conduct requires all NDIS providers to “provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner with care and skill”. Registered NDIS Providers must meet the NDIS Practice Standards outcome under Human Resource Management “Each participant’s support needs are met by workers who are competent in relation to their role, hold relevant qualifications, and who have relevant expertise and experience to provide person-centred support”.

Providers have a responsibility for ensuring workers have the necessary training, competence and qualifications to deliver supports and services. This guide is designed to support providers to fulfil this responsibility. It explains how to identify learning needs, then choose training to build and maintain workforce capabilities to achieve workforce management and planning goals. The guidance is mainly focused on how to choose external training. However, the same principles apply to choosing internal training solutions

Who should use this guide

The intended users of this guide are managers responsible for ensuring that workers have access to relevant learning and development, such as HR managers, learning and development managers, operational managers, and supervisors.

What is in this guide

This guide has four sections:

  • Identifying learning and development needs
  • Understanding structured training options
  • Finding training to meet your needs
  • Evaluating training.

Each section has practical scenarios that illustrate the application of guidance in typical workforce learning and development situations.

Training for Capability resources downloads

The Training for Capability resources give guidance and practical suggestions to providers to meet their obligations that workers have the necessary training, competence and qualifications to deliver supports and services.
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NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

The Framework describes the attitudes, skills and knowledge required by all workers – including supervisors – and the behaviours you can expect to see.
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NDIS Code of Conduct

This promotes safe and ethical service delivery by setting out expectations for the conduct of both NDIS providers and workers.
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NDIS Practice Standards

This document specifies the quality standards to be met by registered NDIS providers to provide supports and services to NDIS participants.
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High Intensity Support Skills Descriptors

The High Intensity Support Skills Descriptors provide guidance for NDIS providers and workers supporting participants with high intensity daily personal activities. Participants that self-manage their plan can also use the guidance if they receive high intensity daily personal supports.
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Framework tools and resources

A range of tools and resources to help you use the Framework in all aspects of workforce management including, workforce planning, recruitment and supervision.
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Worker Orientation Module: Quality, Safety and You

This NDIS Commission module is an interactive online course that explains the obligations of workers under the NDIS Code of Conduct – from the perspective of NDIS participants. All registered NDIS providers under the NDIS Commission should include the module within their induction process for workers, and encourage existing workers to undertake the module over time.
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