Position Description Tool

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Position Description Tool

This Position Description Tool (PD Tool) provides a step-by-step guide to building position descriptions based on the Framework. The tool provides two options. The first is designed for participants who are self-managing or involved in developing position descriptions for their workers. The second option is designed for NDIS providers. 

The PD Tool will automatically populate with capabilities from the Framework based on the type of role you are creating. The Framework does not provide detailed descriptions of tasks as these are determined by the hiring provider in consultation with the participant.

This is an interactive tool. You can choose to complete the tool online in one sitting or download the tool as a Word document once you have entered the following information: 

  • Position title
  • Position purpose
  • Type of work (selected from the Framework)
  • Additional capabilities (selected from the Framework)

For more information on this tool refer to the Factsheet or the FAQ document (Listen to PDF). You can also view a tutorial on how use to the tool or download a transcript of the tutorial.

Download a position description template

You can download an accessible, fillable PDF template for five different roles:

To know

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Allow up to 30 minutes to complete the PD Tool
You can choose to complete the whole document online in one sitting, or download the tool as a Word document at any point once you have populated the capabilities.