Workforce Management and Planning Tool

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Workforce Management and Planning Tool

Achieving quality and service delivery goals depends on having the right workforce – one that matches the needs and preferences of people who depend on your support, who are available at the time and in the locations where participants live, who have the capabilities needed to deliver, and are supported to do a good job. This tool supports NDIS providers to assess their current workforce management practices and plan for the workforce they need now and into the future. It supports organisations to consider ‘what good looks like’ as defined by the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework which translates the requirements of the NDIS Code of Conduct and Practice Standards into clear, observable behaviours that workers and service providers should demonstrate when supporting people with disability.
The tool can be used in different ways, either as a source of ideas about what to consider when planning your workforce or as a tool to produce a detailed workforce plan.  
The format of this tool is an Excel file that you download and save to your own device. The strategies contained in the tool are also available in a separate guide that is available in Word and PDF (Listen to PDF) format.
For more information on this tool refer to the Factsheet or the FAQ document
(Listen to PDF).
To start assessing workforce management and planning for the workforce you need, download the tool now.

Download the Workforce Management and Planning Tool (Excel document)

To know

The tool and its outcome are confidential and anonymous. Your result is only available to you.
This tool provides general guidance only based on data you input.
The tool takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete. You may choose to complete it in one sitting or in multiple sittings.