Supervision for Capability

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Supervising for Capability

The supervision resources are a set of guides for participants, providers and workers that provide advice and practical suggestions for working together to understand how supports and services should be delivered.

The guides are supported by templates and tip sheets that can be downloaded for use. They can help with setting expectations, and talking to workers about delivering supports to meet the standards participants expect.

Guiding principles for supervision

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Guiding principles for supervision

Five principles underpin the approach to supervision described in these resources


Participants, workers and supervisors collectively agree on ‘what good looks like’ and how they will work together to achieve it.


The Framework identifies the attitudes, skills and knowledge workers need to provide quality support. They describe both the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of support.


The interests and aspirations of all parties are understood and respected.


Effective supervision creates safe and trusted relationships that support worker wellbeing and encourage regular discussion, reflection, and development.


The organisation uses evidence about how well they are supporting participants and their workers to shape and improve their approach to supervision

Organisational Capability

How this resource works

The guides and resources take you through each stage of the supervision process with different information depending on your role and situation. You can download the documents and templates, and modify the templates to suit your circumstances.

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  • NDIS participant

    You are an NDIS participant who wants to provide feedback to workers and NDIS providers

    Guides for NDIS participants

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    You are a supervisor or senior leader in an NDIS provider who wants support with the supervision process

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    You are an NDIS worker who wants support with the supervision and feedback process

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