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Supervising for Capability - Overview for participants

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Supervising for Capability

A set of guidance and practical suggestions to help NDIS participants, service providers and support workers.

Overview of Resources

For NDIS Participants

These set of supervision resources provide guidance and suggestions about how NDIS participants, service providers and support workers can work together with you to achieve your goals and the support you need.

There are guides for participants to help you talk with your workers and providers. There are tip sheets and templates for participants who employ their own workers, and for providers to help strengthen the capabilities of workers. These resources help you to build a relationship with your workers and providers based on feedback and trust. They assist you to support and supervise workers so they can deliver your individual supports to a high standard, and give workers learning opportunities.

Using the supervision resources

Although providers, supervisors and workers are the main users of the supervision resources, your input is essential to let them know about your needs and what you like. Working Together: A Guide for NDIS Participants aims to support you when talking with your provider or workers about what you need, agree on how they will work with you and give feedback. You can use this to understand more about how providers can supervise and support their workers and decide how you want to be involved. Your feedback helps to ensure your workers are getting the support and supervision they need to do a good job.

Self-managing NDIS participants can also use these resources as a guide when they are working with intermediaries, like platform providers or working with people you engage or employ yourself, like direct employees or sole traders. There are scenarios you can use to have conversations with your worker or provider.

What is supervision in the NDIS?

The main purpose of supervision is to provide workers with the skills and support they need to do a good job. In the NDIS, participants can be involved in supporting good worker supervision and the Working Together guide can help you decide if and how you want to do this.

The approach to supervision encouraged in the supervision resources is based on five principles:

  1. Collaborative: encourages you, your workers and their supervisors to collectively agree on ‘what good looks like’ and how you will work together to achieve it.
  2. Capability-based: supports your workers and their supervisor to understand the capabilities they need to provide quality support. The capabilities are described in the Framework. They describe attitudes, skills and knowledge workers need to provide quality support and the behaviours you can expect to see.
  3. Respectful: the interests and wishes of everyone are understood and respected.
  4. Supportive: effective supervision supports you to build safe and trusted relationships with your worker.
  5. Evidence-based: the organisation asks for your feedback about how well they are supporting you and their workers and uses this information to improve.

Other useful resources

Supervising for Capability Downloads

Link to all downloadable Supervising for Capability guides, templates and tip sheets.
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The NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

The Framework describes the attitudes, skills and knowledge required by all workers – including supervisors – and the behaviours you can expect to see.
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NDIS Code of Conduct

This promotes safe and ethical service delivery by setting out expectations for the conduct of both NDIS providers and workers.
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Easy Read | NDIS Code of Conduct

An Easy Read guide to how the NDIS Code of Conduct rules keep participants safe.
Word download PDF download Listen to PDF

High Intensity Support Skills Descriptors

The High Intensity Support Skills Descriptors provide guidance for NDIS providers and workers supporting participants with high intensity daily personal activities. Participants that self-manage their plan can also use the guidance if they receive high intensity daily personal supports.
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