Recruitment and Selection Guide

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Recruitment and Selection Guide

This resource describes how to recruit employees based on the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework (the Framework).

Use this resource to help you find workers who are right for you, whether you are a provider looking for workers, a participant who is recruiting your own workers, or a participant who is involved in recruitment of workers managed by a service provider.  

How this resource works

Information, templates and materials are provided for each stage of the recruitment process.  All templates and documents can be downloaded and edited where appropriate. You will find a link in the side-bar.

To get started select whether you are a participant or a provider from the options above. You can then use the navigation bar at the top of the page to work through the process. Selecting the participant option follows the same steps as the provider option but is more streamlined. Participants interested in using a more formal recruitment process can also check out the information under the NDIS provider option. 

For further information on using this tool, see the FAQ document.

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