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Make an offer

Once you have completed the assessment process and decided on the best applicant, you are ready to make an offer.

Sending a formal offer

Even if the applicant has responded verbally, it is a good idea to keep a record of the arrangements you are agreeing to. You can use the Successful offer template in the online participant resources. This provides suggestions on what to cover in this letter.

The NDIA provides more detailed information on how to set up a service agreement that you may also find useful.

Next steps

You will need to agree on a start date. If there are documents that you want to check that were not provided as part of the application, for example evidence of a current drivers licence, remember to request that they provide this information before or when they start.

You can find a template for a letter of offer below.

Don’t forget to let the unsuccessful applicants know the outcome as well. You can simply let them know you found someone more suitable or, if you are able, give them some constructive feedback on how they went in the assessment process. Unsuccessful applicants are usually very grateful for honest feedback that will help them do better next time.

You can use the unsuccessful letter template in the online resources for participants to help you structure your reply.

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